10 Stems or Hook Natural Wood Horizontal Mug Rack

  • ₱1,150.00
  • Save ₱650

Add this piece of art into your kitchen counter to create that elegance you've been wanting to see. This mug rack will also reduce clutter and eliminate the untidy feel of just piling all your mugs and cups in one corner.

Following the natural form, shape, color and other attributes of its raw material, one item is not exactly the same as the next one. This inconsistency is exactly what makes it unique and more classy. 


Material: mahogany

Horizontal Length: 18 inches

Diameter of horizontal base: 2.75-3 inches

No. of Hooks/Stems: 10

Size of Stem: 3 inches, 0.5-inch diameter

Diameter of vertical trunk: 2 inches

Base varies, height is 2.5 inches


DISCLAIMER: Dimensions are approximate measurements, please give an allowance.


For customized specifications, please email sales@botre.store with details of your request.