7-Piece Wooden Cutlery Set Bamboo Straw With Cloth Bag

  • ₱650.00

Product information

  • Made of high-quality Bamboo material, cutlery set is sturdy and durable, heat-resistant, anti-rust.

  • Polishing: Luxury polishing mirror breaks depression and keeps tableware bright, fashion and elegant.

  • Set includes:1knife + 1fork + 1spoon + 1chopsticks+1brush + 1bamboo straws +1 bag(7 pieces set)

  • Easy to use and clean - Dishwasher safe; Suitable for use in hotels, homes, bars, parties.


About Size 

 1 x Dinner knife                  Length: 20cm 

 1 x Dinner fork                    Length: 20cm 

 1 x Dinner spoon                Length: 20cm 

 1 x Chopsticks                   Length: 20cm

 1 x Bamboo straws             Length: 19.5cm

 1 x Straws brush                Length: 20cm

 1 x Bag                             Length: 22cm